To all those who serve here at Holy Comforter. Each ministry shows when you serve. If you are a reader, click on your Sunday to see the readings for that week. All readings may be found here by date, If you are serving in Children's Chapel click on the lesson that is underlined during your week.

Children's Chapel

May 19 - Team F - Larry Vellani and Terri Stevens (last one before summer break)
The Mystery of Pentecost - Click here for PDF Lesson Review


May 19 - 8:15am - Linda Buff | 10:30am - Julie and Wesley Swanner
Click here for reading - Pentecost Sunday
Sunday Bulletin - May 19, 2023 
May 26
- 8:15am - Elizabeth Hansen | 10:30am - Colleen Stevens, Larry Vellani
Click here for reading - Trinity Sunday


May 19 - 8:15am - Ron Driscoll | 10:30am - Peter and Susan Klopman
May 26 - 8:15am - Derek Bates | 10:30am - Sarah Moore, Stig Egede-Nissen


May 19 - 8:15am - Julie Smith | 10:30am - Kathy Hykes, Meredith Patterson, Mourine Todd, Gary Schilke, Jazzymne Griffith-Petty, Jordyn Griffith-Petty
May 26 - 8:15am - Elizabeth Hansen | 10:30am - Paige Ysteboe, Martha Stewart, Micah Ash, Wesley Swanner, William Swanner, Lorenzo Johnson

Meals on Wheels

May 27 - No Delivery
May 28 - Diana Wallace and Rene Burgess
May 29 - Cherry Wrenn and Stan Williams
May 30 - Jim and Jane Romer
May 31 - Coral Erikson and Gretchen Peet

Altar Guild

May 19 - Shara Partin (chair), Verne Booker, Ren Bryan, Connie Griner, Mary Telander, Marilyn Tyler
May 26 - Janie Sellers (chair), Betty Brown, Rene Burgess, Mary Collins, Lynn Dahl, Beth Glidewell. Elizabeth Hansen, Debbie Nichols-Smith

Vestry Counters

May 19 - George Blaisdell & Carol Thornell
May 26 - Max Newbauer & Derek Bates

Flower Guild

May 19 - Janie Sellers & Ren Bryan
May 26 - Jennell Harris, Margaret Egede-Nissen, Patsy Isley, Mary Telander

Altar Flowers Donor

May 19 - Nelson and Dale Young
May 26 - TBD

Men's Breakfast Group

Your week is anything you want it to be. Recruit a speaker from outside or within the group, talk about yourself (each you are a story to be told), bring a subject to discuss in breakout groups with or without reporting at the end, show a video of anything with or without discussion, recruit someone to do a demonstration, let your imagination run wild and just fill in 3/4 of an hour. If you are unable to take your week for any reason, please recruit or change places with another guy on the list. 

We do not meet June through August. 

Sunshine Committee

May - Susan Ryan, Gretchen Peet, Martha Stewart, Debra Scott

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